Do you have an old computer sitting around collecting dust?
You should conscider recycling it.

There are several options for recycling your old electronics.

Smiths Falls

You closest recycling depot is at the Real Deal Reuse Store. (Rideau Environmental Action League) For More info visit the Real Deal website.



Your closest recycling depot is at Habitat for Humanity.(St. Andrews West) Help build a house for those in need with your E-Waste! Vist the Habitat for Humanity Website for more information!

You also have a special collection day listed in your calendar!

City of the Kawratha Lakes

There are several locations for your recycling. Please see HERE to find your closest depot!


Not on the list? Let me know and I will help you find a depot near you!

Mrs. Clifford Can Recycle it for you!

We can recycle that old computer for you! First ensuring that all your data is removed and destroyed ( Backup of data can be made for you).

We will selvage any useful part and send the rest to the proper reclycling center.

Always make sure all your personal information is removed before selling any device.
We can help you with that!